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    Information Technology Centre

    Points of Contact and Opening Hours

    Opening Hours of the Center for IT Services

    The Center for IT Services is open

    Monday to Friday:7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

    Helpdesk and Hotline of the Center for IT Services for Employees and Students

    For those users of IT Services who prefer to contact our staff in person our Helpdesk is the main point of contact. They can take care of all your IT-related problems and for that reason have their own webpage.

    The Hotline of the Center for IT Services is the main hub for all questions and problems that reach us via mail, phone or fax. If possible, these are handled immediately, otherwise a case ID is issued and referred to the appropriate employee who will contact you for further information or once the problem is solved.

    Opening Hours:

    Monday to Thursday: 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
    Friday:9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
    Phone:0931 / 31 - 85050
    Fax:0931 / 31 - 850500

    Retail of IT-Handbooks

    At out helpdesk you can also obtain documentation about a variety of IT-related topics that is published by the Regionales Rechenzentrum für Niedersachsen (RRZN) in Hannover (see List). The university Chipcard can be used for payment.

    Technical Support for Computer Pools

    When noticing malfunctions or other problems (including empty printer paper trays) in the computer pools of the Center for IT Services please call 0931 / 31-85081.


    Universität Würzburg
    Sanderring 2
    97070 Würzburg

    Phone: +49 931 31-0
    Fax: +49 931 31-82600

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