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    Information Technology Centre


    The Center for IT Services strives to ensure cost-efficient provisioning of departmental PCs with software through negotiation of state-, campus- or multi-user-licenses, whenever a significant demand for a particular product is evident or expected. Further information about acquisition and download of software can be found here.

    Specifically for students, software licenses are available which may be used on private PCs.

    A significant selection of commercial software products is installed on the central UNIX-Computeservers in the Center for IT Services. Information about new versions and products is collected separately. We appreciate requests for further software products.

    Information about installed software is grouped by subject matter: Numerics, Computational Algebra, Statistics, Text Processing, Graphics, Molekular Biology (GCG), Quantum Chemistry, Databases and Spreadsheets, Programming Languages, Communication Software and PD-Software.

    When connecting your PC to our Novell servers you can access a wide range of software products via the Novell Application Launcher (NAL).

    On the FTP-Server of the Center for IT Services you can find numerous software products which  are shareware or public domain.

    When seraching for software via the internet, perhaps the following links can help:

    • links and software search at the University of Siegen,
    • thematically structured information at the University of Köln.

    All product names and company emblems on the listed pages are owned by the respective companies and are subject to copyright laws.