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    Information Technology Centre

    lending of IT equipment

    lending service of the University of Wuerzburg for IT equipment

    The lending service for IT equipment

    • you need support concerning multimedia?
    • you are planning lectures and need technical equipment?
    • your goal is the professional documentation of a series of seminars?
    • you want to enhance individual presentations?

    We gladly give advice regarding the operation of audio visual equipment. We also provide you with the necessary equipment.

    The IT lending service is always open at the IT computer center according to the IT-Support timetable (have a look to the right) in room 1U28.

    you can borrow this and more at the IT lending service (photo composition: RZ)

    The equipment

    you can borrow the following audio visual equipment for use within the University at no additional cost:

    Laptops - Beamer - DVD-Player/-Recorder - Camcoder - digital cameras - Videorecorder - CD-Player - Mikrophones - screens and otherequipment.

    If you need equipment not in the list: talk to us.

    Terms of use

    • all members of the Julius-Maximilians University of Wuerzburg can benefit of the IT lendig service for official purposes in the field of education and research.
    • students need proof of a member of their chair that the equipment is needed for academic purposes. The according member of the chair must perform the online booking.
    • Your identity card or service card are needed to prove your identity.
    • please make reservations as soon as possible - at least five days ahead of the desired day.
    • If you need equipement for large events, make reservations well ahead of time - at least 10 days in advance.
    • You can keep the equipment up to five days - this ensures high availability of the existing equipment for all.
    • Return dates are binding.  Do not exceed the return date. The last day of lending is also the day the equipment needs to be returned. Please plan accordingly.
    • The signature on the borrower's ticket engages the according faculty or institution to bear the damage the borrower has caused through inadequate use, negligence and inappropriate care.

    procedure of borrowing

    1. Make a reservation for the desired equipment online (see below)Reservieren Sie im Onlinesystem. Choose the desired timeframe (no more than five days). Beware of the opening hours (see above)

    2. fill out the borrower#s ticket with all necessary information and print it out.  Do not forget to bring this printout when you come to opick up the equipment. Make sure your printout has an official stamp of the institution or faculty you belong to.  Pleas be aware that you need to be able to proof your identity.

    3. Make sure in advance that the desired equipment has been returned by the previous user. You can check this in the online system: the reservation status.

    4.Please return the equipment on time so subsequent users can also benefit from the equipment. Plan your return within the opening hours.

    => By following the link below you accept the terms of use stated above.

    Online Lending service for IT equipment.

    The borrower's ticket please fill out and bring with you

    Use of the system:

    • login in the topright corner using your University username.
    • Choose a device group in the section Bereich and pick your equipment in the section Geräte.
    • Choose a timeframe (calendar week or a day). Keep in mind that you might need preparation time.
    • Click on the plus in the time bar and fill in the form. Save your input.
    • Check to make sure your reservation is correct.

    Any questions about this service?

    send a mail to: geraeteverleih@uni-wuerzburg.de