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WiFi - Wireless Network


WiFi is available in most of the university buildings, such as lecture halls, seminar rooms, foyers and on some outdoor areas on the campus. The installed AccessPoints for WiFi  allow students, employees and guests to use the WiFi.

See the blue wireless information sign for areas where WiFi is available.

The access points of the university offer the WiFi eduroam and @BayernWLAN. They are briefly described here. Expand the menu items.

You configure eduroam CAT once on your mobile device and can then use it without having to log in each time you use it.

If you connect to eduroam in the campus area of the University of Würzburg, the connection is automatically routed to the university network. This allows you to access services that are restricted to the university network, e.g. library e-books.

Services that are generally restricted, such as on-site access via LAN, are of course excluded, e.g. Windows and Office activation for employee PCs.

However, eduroam connections are not routed to the university network if you connect to eduroam from another university.


Guests who connect via eduroam have WLAN access, but no access to the university network.

If you have any problems, please contact your home institution.

It is a public access to the Internet with an unencrypted radio connection. It should be reserved for people who do not have eduroam access.

Members of the University of Würzburg can also use @BayernWLAN, but should always prefer eduroam!

Do without the combination @BayernWLAN plus VPN and use eduroam instead.