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    WiFi coverage

    Where can I connect wirelessly to the internet?

    The Rechenzentrum is anxious to constantly advance the expansion in the stuy-relevant areas. The following WiFi man and a list overview below show the AccessPoints at the University of Würzburg.

    Areas in which the WiFi of the University is available are marked with the following sign:

    The position of the markers in the WiFi card below does not reflect the exact position of the AccessPoints. If there is more than one AccessPoint, the plugin combines them into into a group and displays them in a circular display. Below the map follows a list of all locations with wireless LAN coverage, where the AccessPoints marked with an asterik are mainly used for study-relevant purposes. AccessPoints not marked with an sterisk are mainly used by the departments.


    Summe Cisco APs (aktuelle Generation): 800


    • Star (✰) mainly means supply area lecture halls, seminar rooms, foyers, open spaces
    • no star means use of faculty