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    SoSafe - Accessibility

    Accessibility statement of the IT services of information technology centre

    Julius-Maximilians-Universität of Würzburg is committed to making its services accessible, in accordance with § 1 Bayerische Verordnung über die elektronische Verwaltung und die barrierefreie Informationstechnik (BayEGovV).


    As a user, you can notify us of non-compliance with accessibility requirements or request accessible information that does not need to be presented in an accessible format.

    To do so, contact the information technology centre team by means of:

    • Postal service: Julius-Maximilians-Universität of Würzburg, Information technology centre, Hubland Süd, 97074 Würzburg, Germany
    • Phone: + 49 931 31-85050
    • Fax: + 49 931 31-850500
    • Mail: it-support@uni-wuerzburg.de
    • Messenger-Service: WhatsApp

    If a request sent through feedback and contact information remains completely or partially unanswered within six weeks, the Landesamt für Digitalisierung, Breitband und Vermessung will monitor, at the request of the user, whether measures are necessary in the context of monitoring the obligated party.

    Contact information of the competent bavarian enforcement body for acessible information technology

    Landesamt für Digitalisierung, Breitband und Vermessung
    IT-Dienstleistungszentrum des Freistaats Bayern
    Durchsetzungs- und Überwachungsstelle für barrierefreie Informationstechnik

    • Postal service: Landesamt für Digitalisierung, Breitband und Vermessung, St.-Martin-Straße 47, 81541 Munich, Germany
    • Phone: +49 89 2129-1111
    • Fax: +49 89 2129-1113
    • Mail: bitv@bayern.de

    Online application form for monitoring of accessibility requirements (optional) 

     Homepage of the bavarian enforcement body for acessible information technology (Germnan)

    For students, the Contact and Information Office for Students with Disabilities and Chronic Illness can also be reached by mail at kis@uni-wuerzburg.de.

    For employees, there is the Disability Representation, which can be reached by mail at sbv@uni-wuerzburg.de.

    You can also reach the university's inclusion representative by mail at inklusionsbeauftragter@uni-wuerzburg.de.


    This accessibility statement applies to the learning and campaign content of the SoSofe awareness solution.

    Compliance status

    Compatibility with Section 1 BayEGovV is currently being reviewed.

    Non-accessible content

    Unfortunately, the test has not yet been completed. As soon as we have the test results, we will publish them here and inform about non-accessible content.

    Accessibility Conformance Reports

    Not yet available.

    Preparation of this accessibility statement

    This statement was prepared on Juli 12th, 2021 and last reviewed in July 2021. The review was carried out by a third party.

    Date of the publication 

    The application was published on July 12th, 2021.

    Assistance from the provider or the development community

    There is a direct contact possibility to the provider.