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    Does your password comply with the new rules?

    In future - by the end of 2020 at the latest - all passwords must be at least 12 characters long and a combination of upper/lower case letters, numbers and/or special characters. For details see password rules. This also applies to existing passwords.

    I still have an old password that does not comply with the new rules - what do I have to do?

    Very simple: You have to change your password via the user portal - best now, but in any case before the end of 2020.

    This will ensure that your new password complies with the rules and that you will still be able to log on to the systems in 2021.
    This applies to all personal accounts of employees, guests and students and to functional accounts.

    What happens if I do not update my old password?

    Nothing happens until January 2021. However, if your password does not comply with the new rules afterwards, you will be excluded from all services and will no longer be able to log on to the systems.

    So: set yourself a valid password in good time before.

    Forgotten password?

    If you have forgotten your passwort, you have the following options

    If you have forgotten the password of your JMU account, you can set a new password with  Passwort Reset. A PIN will be sent to your private mail address.

    Employees and guests can only use password reset under certain conditions. Please refer to the website Passwort Reset.

    If you still have or know the data sheet with your initial password, IT-Support can reset the password to the initial one. Contact IT-Support.


    We can send you your login credentials by in-house at university. Contact IT-Support.

    Password functional account

    You can change the password of a functional account in the same way as for a JMU account.
    Password reset cannot be used for function accounts.

    If you have forgotten the password of a functional account, the administrator of the functional account can reset it - after authenticating himself with his personal JMU account. The instructions can be found at Passwort des Funktionsaccounts setzen durch Verwalter.